Speaking and Grammar

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Speak more confidently and improve your fluency

This is the best course if you are aiming at speaking more confidently  and communicating more effectively. Speaking and Grammar courses will help you communicate clearly in a broad variety of daily life situations.

Developing your listening skills will help you follow and participate in conversations. We will expose you to the listening tasks that you need practice during the lessons. These tasks simple resemble what you authentically need if you travel abroad. (I’ll add something later here from a book called Real Listening and Speaking)

Despite being delivered online, the course will be interactive and communicative through pair and group work, role-plays and discussions.  

On this course you will:

  • Learn to speak more confidently
  • Learn the most frequent grammar structures
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Learn vocabulary and phrases that improve your fluency

Why should you do this course with OEC?

Feel the real progress in your speaking skills with the world’s English experts as you will:

  • Be taught by CELTA qualified teachers
  • Enjoy lessons using modern techniques
  • Develop your English with topics that interest you
  • Meet friendly people with similar interests and goals
  • Improve your pronunciation, fluency and confidence
  • Learn and have fun

Do you need to buy course materials?

No, you don’t. However, once you transfer the funds, you will receive a link to download the materials.

NB. The materials are enough for 3 levels. This course covers only the first 3 units of the book plus the supplementary materials.

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